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Welcome to the speaker's page for Catherine Moore, LCSW. She is an international speaker, mental health expert, and first-generation college graduate.

Catherine is currently available to speak on the following topics:

  • Three¬†Parts¬†to Defying the Odds & Embracing Your Inner Strength (includes book for participants)
  • Mental¬†Health¬†101
  • Burnout Prevention & Recovery

All are available in-person and/or virtually. 

These topics are designed for goal oriented teens, young adults, and women.

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Knowledgeable and extremely relatable. I loved her energy.

- Dominique Fisher, Social Worker

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Let's Collaborate to Increase Resiliency and Success 

Catherine holds a bachelor’s degree in social work (BSW) and a master’s degree in social work (MSW) from California State University, Long Beach. She is also an author, a top career podcaster, mental health therapist, and founder of RISE Directory.

Catherine Moore, LCSW speaks on Mental Health topics from the perspective of a first-generation student defying the odds. Participants will walk away feeling inspired and more confident in their skills to navigate mental health challenges, identify warning signs, and empowered with tools to manage their own mental health. These events seek to de-stigmatize seeking help for mental health, prevent crisis, and increase student retention by showing participants how to maximize the inner resources they already have. 

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Marissa Calderon, 23 Strong Council Leader

The way she (Catherine) presented the information were both engaging and insightful. The open conversation inspired our attendees to be more open to engage in conversation with each other and our panelists.

Dr. Argelis A. Ortiz, Professor & Executive Coach

Catherine is an amazing guest speaker! If you ever need a guest speaker for your graduate classes, a keynote speaker for your associate, Catherine will be a great choice!

Evelynn Moon, Director

Catherine gave a presentation on Anticipatory Grief for our community. Her webinar was beautiful and well-facilitated, our participants gained so much from attending!

Keynote & Training Topics  

Each presentation is available in-person or virtual and is tailored to your community needs and personalized to fit your culture. 

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"Catherine uses her platform to help and inspire others, she is so amazing!"

Catherine Moore, LCSW

Mental Health Expert

Catherine Moore, LCSW is an extraordinary individual, renowned as a dynamic speaker, therapist, coach, and podcaster. With a wealth of expertise in burnout prevention and recovery as well as mindset work, Catherine has made a profound impact in transforming the lives of countless individuals.

Over the span of a decade, Catherine has dedicated herself to guiding hundreds of individuals towards rediscovering what it truly means to thrive in their mental health, careers, and personal lives. With her extensive experience and unwavering commitment, she has become a beacon of inspiration, illuminating the path to holistic well-being and personal growth.

As a double alumni of California State University, Long Beach, Catherine holds both a Bachelor's degree in Social Work (BSW) and a Master's degree in Social Work (MSW). Her passion for helping others led her to obtain her license as a Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) in 2019, further solidifying her expertise in the field.

Catherine's influence extends beyond her clinical practice and reaches a global audience through her highly acclaimed podcast, "Social Workers, Rise!," which has garnered recognition as one of the top 10 career podcasts worldwide. With her captivating storytelling and thought-provoking conversations, she engages listeners in exploring the complexities of personal growth, professional success, and the power of mindset.

Today, Catherine Moore, LCSW continues to leverage her extensive education and years of invaluable experience to empower professional women. Through her coaching and transformative speaking engagements, she equips women with the tools to master their mindset, navigate burnout, and step boldly into their authentic power.

Catherine's magnetic presence, coupled with her wealth of knowledge, makes her a sought-after speaker and trusted guide for those seeking personal and professional transformation. With her unwavering dedication, she inspires individuals to reclaim their lives, overcome obstacles, and unlock their fullest potential.

Prepare to be inspired as Catherine Moore, LCSW takes the stage, ready to ignite your inner fire and guide you towards a life filled with purpose, resilience, and unshakable well-being.

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