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We will talk everything social work, on every level from micro to macro. We will hear the stories of social workers who are doing big things, learn new skills, and most importantly, give you actionable steps to change more lives than you ever thought possible.


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"Easily my favorite Social Work podcast."

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I'm so excited you are here! Welcome! We have been ranked in the Top 10 of Social Work podcasts worldwide. We are dedicated to Social Workers made by Social Workers!

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Ranked in the Top 10 Social Work Podcasts in the world. 

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Whats the story behind Social Workers, Rise! podcast?

As a new social worker I was grateful and excited to be on my own "in the real world". I was doing everything I dreamed but still felt like I needed more connection and specialized knowledge to be the best Social Worker I could be. I often wondered,


What were others in the field doing?

Where can I go for more support?


I kept looking and waiting for someone else to take the lead and offer these resources.

It wasn't until I was licensed and  completely burnt out that I realized I'm done waiting! Social Workers need help NOW, they need more relationships with others in the field, more access to knowledge, and professional burnout should not be considered a "normal" part of the job. 

With my iPhone, inspiration from Andra Day's song, Rise Up and a whole lot of passion I started Social Workers, Rise! podcast as my first step to a larger vision for a community where new and aspiring social workers are empowered through relationships and specialized knowledge. 


"This podcast keeps me fresh on all things SW! Also, love how casual and relatable it feels. Look forward to more episodes!"


"Catherine has an amazing podcast that is informative and entertaining. Easily my favorite social work podcast."


"Catherine Moore is an incredible resource for the mental health community and for social workers in particular. Her show is empowering and focuses on finding smart resources to care for our clients and ourselves, too! I love listening to this podcast; it's the ultimate pick-me-up."


We are Changing the Narrative


As a social worker it can be excited and emotionally fulfilling, you are able to help so many people!

At the same time, it can feel overwhelming, exhausting, lonely. It can help having other social workers to connect with and learn from.

What is there experience like?

How do they do it?

What other options are there for such a versatile degree?

We cover all this and more! Each episode is fun, casual, and allows you to listen in to social workers get personal, share their industry secrets, and drop some serious knowledge.

This is a MUST if you are new to the field or you want to hear from other social workers in the industry.

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