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About Us

Social Workers, Rise! empowers new and aspiring clinical Social Workers to make a massive impact on the world through relationships and knowledge.

I’d love to tell you a glossed over version about how the idea just came to me, but that’s not my style and not nearly as interesting as the real story.

My journey to LCSW was not always easy. It was rough and I was often looking for more support, guidance, and direction from other professionals in the field. Don’t get me wrong, I loved my co-workers and boss but they were oftentimes just as busy and overwhelmed with work too that I didn’t feel like I could go to them as much as I needed too.

I kept telling myself, well, this is just how it is, I need to get used to it. Everyone else is doing this, why can’t I? Then it turned into, what’s wrong with me that I can't keep up with this never-ending work, I’m not making the impact on the world I set out to do. Maybe I’m not meant to be a social worker at all.

I kept going like this until one evening, I was in my head about all the notes I still had left to do, the documentation I could finish that night and what could wait until I woke up early in the morning to complete. I had just finished a rushed dinner with my family, I was washing the dishes, and my husband sweetly said, “Babe, why don’t you come relax and watch this movie with us?” 

I completely lost it. How could I even think about sitting down and watching a movie when I had so much work to do! I had notes to write, care plans to individualize, dishes to clean, food to put away, bills to pay, an entire to-do list that I was already 3 days behind on!

I started crying, let me be clear, ugly crying over the dishes because I felt overwhelmed, and stuck running in circles not ever really getting ahead falling further and further behind. I felt inadequate because no one else I knew felt this way, all my co-workers were FINE.

I knew at that moment something HAD to change. I could not keep crying over the dishes and not spend time with my family.

I knew social work was a stressful field and I kept waiting for someone else to fill this void of support I so desperately needed. I needed other social workers I could learn from, develop skills from, ask questions, and get guidance. I wanted to hear their stories and gain their wisdom.

I got tired of waiting. Once I got my LCSW I found out so many others had a similar story and there was nothing like this for them. So I started Social Workers, Rise! as an organization that seeks to empower new social workers through relationships and education. My vision is to create a community where social workers can feel supported and empowered so they never reach a place of burnout as I did. Ugly crying over the dishes is not a good look for ANYONE.

I envision a transformation in the social work profession where burnout is rare, passion is high, emotional support is freely available and accepted, and social workers are celebrated for the amazing value we bring to clients and organizations each and every day. 

My name is Catherine Moore, LCSW, born and raised a California girl with a specialty in hospice, palliative, and older adults. I am starting this journey of Social Workers, Rise! through a podcast that raises the voices of social workers who are out there doing the work and through specialized online courses and community.

If you can relate to my story, are also passionate about social work, or helping other social workers, I would love to connect with you! “Like” this page, find me on Instagram, listen to the podcast, and send me a message!

I can’t wait to hear from you!


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