I need this!

What if you could feel more confident NOW on how to guide your clients through the therapeutic process, and create positive change?


Being a new clinician can be exciting; you have all this new knowledge, all this education behind you, internship experience, and are ready to change the world one person at a time!

But at the same time, it sometimes can feel isolating and ridiculously stressful with these questions running through your head:


Will I ever feel confident in my clinical skills?
Am I doing this right?
How do other therapists handle this?
What other tools can I use?
I worry I’m never going to be enough. 
Maybe I’m not meant to be a social worker. 


This was my experience too and I learned it can take years of trial & error and under-served clients to finally feel confident.

Looking back, you know what would have helped me quicker and faster?

If I had somewhere to go to teach me all the things about providing direct therapy. 

I’m not talking about the basics I learned in grad school, I needed something MORE. From clinicians actually doing the work. I needed others to bounce ideas off of and specific training on the therapeutic process, from beginning to end. From assessment to termination and everything in between!

If this sounds like you, you're in the right place; I'm glad you're here!

You need these skills and confidence NOW, not in a few years

We are in extreme times where therapeutic support is not only needed but is being sought out now more than ever. The world needs you at the top of your skill set NOW. 

Know how to effectively complete initial assessments, create treatment plans, and understand how common interventions can be so powerful!

Additionally, you need to be able to document your interventions like a pro to effectively to show the progress your client is making and to show your professionalism in the field.


Clinical Essentials for the Future Therapist

A virtual course designed to increase your confidence in your skills to take a client through the entire therapeutic process; from assessment to termination and everything in between!

Click the video to hear from Catherine and Lesly on the what, why, and how of the course!

Say no more, I'm in!

In this 5 Course series you will...

  • Understand the therapeutic process from assessment to termination
  • Learn tools and techniques to help clients overcome symptoms and challenges in life
  • Increase your confidence when providing clinical services
  • Access to a community of fellow therapists from around the nation

Okay, you have my attention... Tell me what exactly is in the course!

Module 1

Assessment & Treatment Planning

Everything you need to know about thoroughly assessing new clients.

How to do an initial assessment with a new client specifically in the community mental health setting and a biopsychosocial assessment in the medical setting. These skills are adaptable to be applied to assessments with individuals and families. 


Tools & Resources:

Limits of Confidentiality

Goal setting with clients

Mental Status Exam template

Initial Assessment Cheat Sheet

Areas of Functioning Cheat Sheet

Module 2

Therapeutic Styles & Documentation

In this module we review the basic therapeutic styles so you can begin to associate the interventions you may be most comfortable with and begin to explore further your therapeutic style. 

Documentation is the lifeline of the work we do as social workers!  This module will give you training on how to make your notes more professional. You will learn different documentation styles, provide examples, and teaches you how to document the interventions you are doing. 


Tools & Resources:

Finding my Therapy Modality

Common Therapy Interventions Cheat Sheet

Documentation Styles

SBAR Assessment Example

Module 3

Cognitive Model

In this module we do in-depth on the Cognitive Model, or Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. We review what it is and how to put this into practice with your clients to develop a care plan, help clients realize what specific areas they can improve upon, and also how to help them achieve their goals with the CBT model.

Tools & Resources:

CBT Flow & Interventions chart (for clinician)

CBT Flow & Interventions chart (worksheet for client)

Module 4

Therapeutic Skill Sets

This module brings it all together and gives an overview on skills sets you can teach to clients to empower them with the tools they need for long term success. Also great tools to use if you need to open new conversations and move the therapeutic process forward.


Tools & Resources:

Breathing for grounding




DBT Chain Analysis


Module 5


This module covers how to effectively and therapeutically terminate with a client. Activities to terminate, review safety plan with clients who have suicidal ideation. This is a very important part of the therapeutic process that can have powerful impacts on the client long term.

Whew! That's a lot!

Here's the short & sweet summary...



Module 1: Assessment & Treatment Planning


Module 2: Therapeutic Styles & Documentation


Module 3: Cognitive Model


Module 4: Skill Sets


Module 5: Termination


Weekly Group Learning & Private Group

Tools & Resources:

  1. Limits of Confidentiality
  2. Goal setting with clients
  3. Mental Status Exam template
  4. Initial Assessment Cheat Sheet
  5. Areas of Functioning Cheat Sheet
  6. Finding my Therapy Modality
  7. Common Therapy Interventions Cheat Sheet
  8. Documentation Styles
  9. SBAR Assessment Example
  10. CBT Flow & Interventions chart (for clinician)
  11. CBT Flow & Interventions chart (worksheet for client)
  12. Breathing for grounding
  13. Genogram
  14. Mindfulness
  15. Tapping
  16. DBT Chain Analysis
  17. SI Safety Plan Template
I'm All In!

Let's Add Up All This Value

What you get:

  1. New client assessment module ($100 Value)
  2. Treatment Planning module ($100 Value)
  3. Therapy styles module ($100 Value)
  4. Effective Documentation ($100 Value)
  5. Cognitive Model ($100 Value)
  6. Skill sets ($100 Value)
  7. Termination ($100 Value)



Therapy tools ($150)


Total Value Add: $850

You Pay: $197 

Yes! I want in Now

Here's what others are saying about the modules...

This virtual course is perfect for...

  • New graduates entering therapeutic roles
  • Professionals who are new to 1:1 clinical therapeutic settings
  • Those pursuing a career change to a therapeutic or clinical setting
  • Clinicians working 1:1 with clients, yet want to learn other forms of therapeutic applications
  • Clinicians who want to connect, network, and get and give support to others in the field 
  • Pre-licensed Social Workers
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This 5-part virtual course series will go in depth on the following :

  • New client assessment
  • Treatment Planning
  • Therapy styles
  • Documentation
  • Cognitive Model (CBT)
  • Skill sets
  • Termination
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Frequently Asked Questions

Catherine Moore, LCSW


Catherine has been a social worker since 2009 and specializes in medical social work and end of life care with older adults and caregivers.

Since 2014 she has worked in hospice and palliative care providing therapeutic interventions for grief and loss, caregiver burnout, coping skills, and bereavement support groups. Through her career has worked in a variety of roles in affordable housing, policy creation, and advocacy.

She is also the founder of Social Workers Rise! an organization that seeks to empower social workers through knowledge and relationships to make massive impact on the world.



Lesly Rodriguez, MSW, ACSW


Lesly is a seasoned social worker who utilizes clinical interventions to help others accomplish their goals. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Social Behavior from the University of California, Irvine (UCI) and a master’s degree in Social Work from the University of Southern California (USC).

Throughout her career, Lesly has worked with children with developmental disabilities, behavioral disturbances, emotional trauma, chronic mental health conditions, and personality disorders. She specializes in cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy, crisis response, and individual therapy.

Upon graduating from USC in 2016, Lesly was a clinical therapist in an Adult Mental Health setting and is currently a Medical Social Worker providing support to families and children. She has completed all ACSW hours, is licensure ready, and will soon sit for the LCSW clinical exam.

Not only is Lesly extremely knowledgeable about clinical work, she is also fun, energetic, positive and passionate about serving others, especially her peers!

What Future Therapists are saying...

Yes! This course really is a MUST


100% of participants surveyed would recommend the course to their colleagues.


100% of participants surveyed reports their confidence increased in understanding the therapeutic process increased after taking the course.


100% of participants surveyed felt the live Zoom trainings were Very or Extremely helpful.


The Assessment & Treatment Planning was voted the “Most Helpful Module” for Future Therapists.


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